Gilmore Girls’ Math

My mother recommended I watch Gilmore Girls when it was in its original run and I scoffed like a bratty kid. I believe my exact words were something charming and intelligent like: “I am NOT watching Gilmore Girls.” I drew out the title to let her know that I would never, NEVER watch a show […]

Missed First Kisses

Perhaps the reason I love to write first kiss scenes is because I know I can make them happen. Something I seemed wildly unable to do in real life despite a lot of wishing and hoping and thinking and planning and dreaming. You all know the song, right? No? Well, it’s an oldie, but it […]

First Stop Beijing!

I just asked my daughter what she liked about our spring 2018 trip to China. She said she liked seeing aspects of an ancient culture. Fair enough. It was true we had the privilege of going to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and the Lama Temple–and mostly in the company of […]